About EITAGlobal

We are EITAGlobal, a continuing professional education provider with a difference. We believe that coming from a responsible and professional continuing professional education provider in the IT industry space; our trainings have to carry a premier value.

We have devised a strategy of making trainings extremely effective and relevant by bringing Experts and participants across the table. In line with this philosophy, we ensure that a high proportion of our trainings are in the form of live, in-person seminars and Consulting.

Why the stress on seminars and Consulting?
At EITAGlobal, we place a high value on physical interaction between the Expert and the attendees. We believe that although other mediums of imparting continuing professional education are relevant and important; learning is facilitated best when the Expert is present at arm's length to interact with and have issues and pain areas clarified.

Of course, we do impart trainings through other mediums such as webinars, but our core belief and strength lies in being able to connect Experts and participants through the medium that we believe is most effective - human contact.

Our focus on seminars and consulting has not been accidental. It has been a well-thought out, deliberate and conscious plan that we arrived at after gauging the response to our earlier seminars. The emphatic success of these seminars in the regulatory compliance and human resources areas has inspired and motivated us to serve our clientele better by offering them what they value most. Our offering in Consulting is an offshoot of these seminars.

Our seminars
EITAGlobal's seminars are a product of the experience we have accumulated in organizing seminars in our other lines of business in various domains of the continuing professional education industry.

Our seminars are meant to convey the best in class learning about the most important areas that matter to IT professionals. The Experts on our panel are selected for their experience in and knowledge of the industry. They are chosen from some of the best names in terms of the depth of their authority of the subject.

The seminars are highly interactive and lively. As with our past seminars, EITAGlobal will not have a single wasted or dull moment. The aim of our seminars is to ensure that the best learning gets channelized in the best way. We seek to bring very high value into our trainings. These sessions are a pragmatic means to help professionals take the path of ascendancy. They also give professionals an opportunity to interact with their peers in the industry.

Our seminars are where eager participants connect with Experts over two days of total hands-on, practical and insightful learning. Our seminars assist participants with accreditations and affiliations with respective industry-specific regulatory bodies, adding a feather to their professional caps.

Our seminars will be a held at diffuse locations across at least three continents. We will initially host industry-relevant seminars in these locations and expand to other locations later:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • France
  • Dubai
  • Singapore
  • India

EITAGlobal will also conduct online, short-duration webinars that address focused areas of the IT industry. Our vast and rich experience in organizing this medium of training makes us the ideal provider of webinars aimed at enhancing the knowledge of professionals. We bring the experience of being a highly accomplished and successful continuing professional education provider. We bring our trainings right into where you are located.

Our flagship brand, GlobalCompliancePanel (GCP), which imparts Regulatory and Quality compliance training to professionals has been delivering a broad range of high quality regulatory and compliance-related services over three years now.

GCP has successfully completed over 600 training courses, which have benefited more than 30,000 professionals. Over 100 well-versed Experts with varied and deep expertise from various industries are associated with us.

We intend to carry forward this experience into the IT industry. We are well placed to offer world-class, easy to access and cost effective webinars to professionals in the industry.
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