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Janne J. Korhonen
Principal, Requisite Remedy

Janne J. Korhonen is an independent business and IT consultant, specializing in organization design, enterprise architecture and governance. He brings long-time versatile experience as an architect and consultant in a variety of strategic, enterprise-scale and mission-critical IT projects. In his consulting, he leverages multi-disciplinary research insights and leading edge practices to facilitate systemic co-development of technological, organizational and individual capabilities. He is specialized in how information technology can be governed and applied strategically to catalyze organizational agility. His interventions aim at transformational vertical development with the potential of order-of-magnitude gains.

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Doing IT Better : The Agile Approach

Gone are the days of business-as-usual tranquility. As today's competitive advantage may be a disadvantage as soon as tomorrow, long-run superior performance calls for non-stop innovation of new value. An agile enterprise must continually change and must even be able to reinvent its core essence in the face of major business discontinuities. There is hardly any business change in which information technology (IT) does not play a role. In contrast, change is increasingly IT-driven. In addition to cost efficiency and reliability of operations, the role of IT as the enabler of organizational agility and innovation is increasing in importance.

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