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Karl Hakkarainen
Owner and Principal Consultant, Queen Lake Consulting

Karl Hakkarainen In his three decades in IT, Karl has developed training and instructional materials for smartphones, mainframes, and the range of systems in between. Three key principles shape his approach to training: content, just-in-time information, and lifelong learning. Information about tasks or products is transitory while the need to learn something new is on-going. Karl has been a manager, engineer, writer, and trainer for large corporations and as an independent consultant. He is a regular contributor to United Business Media technology blogs. Karl holds a BA from Amherst College where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. His grandchildren still ask him for technical help.

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Thriving in a BYOD world

A former manager used to say, "Bad news given early enough is just news." Detailed planning, by itself, isn't going to be enough to let an organization thrive in a BYOD environment. BYOD confounded traditional management and IT infrastructures because it democratized technology. It made the users powerful and raised the expectations that they would be increasingly in charge of their computing environments and, by extension, the ways that they got their work done.

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