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Dave Kinchlea
Owner, GATE Village

Dave Kinchlea is a 25 year veteran in managing the growing content problem. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario where he also worked in the core Information Technology administrative department. Being part of the team that brought the Internet to Canada, Dave has had an interest in content management for longer than the discipline has existed. Dave spent nearly 12 years, from 1998 through to 2009, working with Open Text Corporation defining and building out Enterprise Content Management tools and expertise. He is recognized around the world for his technological expertise in respects to ECM deployments having designed and helped organizations maintain some of the largest and most complex ECM systems in existence.

Since 2009 Dave has been providing his expertise through his private consulting company, GATE Village to global organizations, helping design information programs, examining and improving existing programs and developing enterprise-level information programs.

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ECM vs EIM vs RM

Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Information Management and Records Management are three distinct views of the same general problem, that of dealing with the ever increasing amount of data within the organization. Both the volume of content and the types of content are increasing, no longer the sole domain of the back office working with Word and Excel files, important data to your organization exists in many different formats and produced by both front office and back office employees.

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