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Raymond Moberly
Owner & Consultant, Faster Logic LLC

Dr. Raymond Moberly is a consulting subject matter expert in the field of Information Theory, knowledgeable about principles of error correction, cryptography, and data compression. He has worked extensively in the field of software defined radio. He has lead development efforts for embedded software and firmware on microcontrollers, digital signal processors, and field programmable gate arrays. He has extensive experience in the verification and validation of systems through all development phases including formal qualification testing. He enjoys profiling software in order to to analyze and better optimize code code performance. Raymond holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from Caltech, masters in applied mathematics from San Diego State University, and a doctorate in computational science from the Claremont Graduate University.

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Lossless Data Compression Methods and Compression Performance Metrics

The webinar covers the foundations of data compression in the context of the broader subject of information theory. The learner will gain valuable insight into how lossless compression works and why the techniques are robust and trustworthy. In the historical perspective, data compression concepts have arrived in a timely manner to aid the expanding data storage and wireless communication needs of the modern era. The measure of information is defined probabilistically, it is formally defined as entropy, a term that Claude Shannon borrowed from quantum mechanics.

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