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How to Create a Roadmap to SharePoint Success

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  •   Duration: 90 Minutes  
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After a brief introduction to the multi-functional web technology base of SharePoint, the seminar will delve into major reasons why SharePoint implementations fail including technology issues, politics, and not having a clear picture of what SharePoint is to look like for your company, to name a few.

Sure you have to get the technology right, but SharePoint is not an IT project, if it is to be successful. Success with SharePoint really focuses on managing corporate knowledge and adding value to the end users and knowledge workers. In this portion of the webinar we will explore knowledge management and how it lays the foundation for building a roadmap to SharePoint success. This foundation is built on integrating SharePoint, Knowledge Management, and IT. It is important to make the technology fit the business process and not for users to have to change the processes to fit the technology.

With a good foundation your roadmap to SharePoint Success will include information governance that focuses on metadata and findability in addition to SharePoint governance that fosters and supports communities of practice. Establishing governed communities of practice not only correctly identifies and defines requirements but also fosters user adoption by promoting ownership in the process. It is common that a lack of a SharePoint governance strategy often points to broader problems in the enterprise around their IT deployments and a lack of planning around them. If an enterprise doesn't plan for SharePoint, there is a fairly good possibility that it doesn't plan for other deployments.

The focus of the webinar is on basic concepts to ensure success with SharePoint including: executive backing, getting the technology right, knowing what the product should look like, making the technology fit the processes, letting users decide what is needed, and governance. Lessons learned from numerous successful SharePoint projects will also be discussed.

Why Should you Attend: Is your company planning to deploy SharePoint? Have you already rolled out SharePoint but user adoption is lacking? If you have any experience with SharePoint as a document management platform today, you know that most organizations struggle to use it effectively.

Sure you have to get the technology right, but SharePoint is not really an IT project, if it is to be successful. With over 125 Million SharePoint licenses sold, SharePoint has become commonplace in the business enterprise, but given the numbers why do a majority of SharePoint projects fail to gain user adoption? While SharePoint is a multipurpose set of web technologies with a common technical platform, you must clearly define what SharePoint is to do for your business and how it will enhance your knowledge worker's capabilities. To be successful and gain real value, you must have buy in from the Executives, but the focus has to be on adding value to the individual knowledge workers in your organization.

The SharePoint technology base permits you to shape SharePoint to your business processes, instead of forcing your knowledge workers to fit their processes to a new technology. With this approach you gain value by not only improving what you are already doing, but changing what you do because you have new capabilities. This webinar explores how to chart a path to a successful SharePoint rollout with high user adoption.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Introduction
  • What is SharePoint?
  • Why do SharePoint implementations fail?
  • Why SharePoint is not an IT project
  • Knowledge Management
  • Integration of SharePoint, Knowledge Management and IT
  • The road to success with SharePoint
  • Key SharePoint components
  • User Adoption
  • Governance
  • Lessons Learned

Who Will Benefit:
  • CIO
  • COO
  • IT Director, IT Manager
  • Project Managers
  • Business Unit Mangers
  • CFO
  • QA and QC Directors/Managers
  • Knowledge Managers
Richard Machanoff is an Information technology leader with diverse, executive-level experience and a talent for identifying business requirements and delivering innovative cost effective IT solutions. As technology strategist, he works with top leadership to expand company capabilities and continuously improve efficiency. He has a track record of developing and implementing technology strategies that support organizational goals and streamline operations.

Mr. Machanoff holds a B.S. in microbiology, biochemistry, and chemistry from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and an M.S. in molecular genetics from the University of Tennessee Oak Ridge Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Oak Ridge. He is ITIL Foundations certified and currently holds an active US DOE Q clearance.

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