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Kevin Aguanno

Rewarding Team Members without Breaking the Bank

In this economically challenging era, employee rewards might seem extravagant - but building team morale is even more important in tough times! Nevertheless, even the best reward ideas can fall flat if they aren't suitable to the person, the organization, the situation or the magnitude of the accomplishment.

John Jeston

How to Start a BPM program - This has Changed Significantly over the Last Several Years and is much better placed to Ensure Success

If an organization has decided that they should be transforming itself towards providing a more efficient and effective service to its customers, while reducing costs, then having a business process focus is essential. They believe that if they start the transformation slowly and incrementally that they will build skills and momentum within an organization.

Richard Machanoff

How to Create a Roadmap to SharePoint Success

After a brief introduction to the multi-functional web technology base of SharePoint, the seminar will delve into major reasons why SharePoint implementations fail including technology issues, politics, and not having a clear picture of what SharePoint is to look like for your company, to name a few.

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